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If you enjoy 80's music, we hope this station will find you well. We play ALL genres of 80's music, from Rock to Pop and everything in between. We are an independent station and rely 100% on your donations to stay on the air. If you enjoy the station please help us out by making a small donation. We broadcast from the shores of Honolulu, Hawaii and are happy to serve 80's enthusiasts worldwide. Thank you for listening and enjoy the station!

Lost In The 80's
One of the longest running syndicated shows comes to Flashback Radio! Lost In The 80's plays the best old school and r&b from the 1980's
Revenge of the 80's Radio
Chris Cordani brings Revenge of the 80's Radio to Flashback Radio! Chris's mission is to bring back classic new wave music from the 1980s to its fans.
Hott 80's Rewind
By popular demand we will be airing classic shows of The Hott 80's..."The new sound of an old friend!"
Retro 80's Weekend
Dean Fettes brings Retro 80's Weekend to Flashback Radio! Catch 2 hours of music and memories on the weekends (of course) and a replay during the week. See schedule for details.
Takin' Ya Back with Kurt David!
Syndicated personality Kurt David brings "Takin' Ya Back" along with special "Songwriter Search" segments to Flashback Radio! Check the show schedule for air times. Special thanks to Kurt for allowing us to carry the show!
Sam's Super 80's!
Connecticut on-air personality Samantha Stevens brings her show to Flashback Radio! Sam's weekly show is fresh and interactive!
Magic of the 80s!
Well known syndicated personality Tom Furci brings Magic of the 80's to the Flashback Radio lineup! The show features AC hits of the 80's.
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Listener Top 20
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Today LW Title-Artist Rate Buy
1 1 Alphaville - Forever Young Rate Buy
2 3 Toto - Stranger In Town Rate Buy
3 10 The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down To Georgia Rate Buy
4 4 The Human League - Hard Times Rate Buy
5 2 The Fixx - The Sign of Fire Rate Buy
6 5 Ultravox - Reap the Wild Wind [Extended Version] Rate Buy
7 7 ABC - How To Be A Millionaire Rate Buy
8 13 Don Henley - Sunset Grill Rate Buy
9 9 Laid Back - White Horse Rate Buy
10 6 UB40 - I Can't Help Falling In Love With You Rate Buy
11 11 Visage - In The Year 2525 Rate Buy
12 12 Wall of Voodoo - Ring of Fire Rate Buy
13 14 Limahl - Never Ending Story Rate Buy
14 16 Talk Talk - Talk Talk Rate Buy
15 8 Thompson Twins - Sugar Daddy Rate Buy
16 15 Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf Rate Buy
17 17 ELO - Calling America Rate Buy
18 18 Fleetwood Mac - As Long As You Follow Rate Buy
19 19 Will To Power - I'm Not In Love Rate Buy
20 20 A Flock of Seagulls - Nightmares Rate Buy
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6a PST, 9a EST 11a PST, 2p EST 4p PST, 7p EST 8p PST, 11p EST 1a PST, 4a EST
Mon Retro 80's Weekend Weekly 80's Countdown Retro 80's Weekend Weekly 80's Countdown Takin' Ya Back
Tue Lost In The 80's 80's Meltdown Lost In The 80's 80's Meltdown Retro Show w/DJ Mike
Wed The Bobby D Show Takin' Ya Back The Bobby D Show Takin' Ya Back Revenge of the 80s Radio
Thur Magic of the 80's The Bobby D Show Magic of the 80's The Bobby D Show Super 80's
Fri Retro Show w/DJ Mike Weekend Kickoff Party Retro Show w/DJ Mike Weekend Kickoff Party The Bobby D Show
Sat Super 80's Magic of the 80's Weekend Kickoff Party Retro 80's Weekend Weekly 80's Countdown
Sun Lost In The 80's Retro 80's Weekend 80's Meltdown Takin' Ya Back Revenge of the 80s Radio
Recently Played Songs
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Title-Artist Rate
Dramarama - Anything Anything Rate
Journey - Keep On Runnin Rate
Eurythmics - Winter Wonderland (Christmas) Rate
Warrant - Cherry Pie Rate
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Islands In The Stream Rate
Blondie - The Hardest Part Rate
ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man Rate
Boz Scaggs - JoJo Rate
Billy Joel - The Night Is Still Young Rate
The Deele - Two Occasions Rate
New Adds
Cherrelle - Affair
George Duke - Shine On
The Breakfast Club - Never Be The Same (The Shep Pettibone Mix)
Axe - I Think You'll Remember Tonight
Debarge - Rhythm Of The Night (Long Version)
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hi, i'm listening from belgium and i love your station. i've been listening on and off for the last 6 months and i've heard alot of songs i don't remember hearing from when i was in high school and listening to 80s music. i've noticed your popularity has increased to the point where your server has been overloaded. i'm glad you have added some more ports for people to listen. i've listened to some other 80s internet radio stations and they just don't compare to how you do your format and the songs you play. keep up the great work and don't disapear on us anytime soon.
Hi. I'm tuned into your radio for the first time today. It's bloody awesome! It's got all the songs I listened to when I was growing up.

Cameron in Brisbane
You're the most superb radio station in all the Internet. Period. Your variety and taste of selection makes it almost impossible to turn the PC off. When you find it hard to close the player "just to see what's next" (as I am always doing), you know for sure you're dealing with an excellent, addictive and tasteful radio station.

Five stars, no less!!!

Josh from South America
Hi! I'm listening to you right now from waaaaaaaaay up in Northern Alberta Canada :)

I love to listen to your radio show and can't get enough of it! You play such an awesome collection of the greatest music around. I am such a music fanatic and you can really satisfy my urges for the 80's fix! We don't have much of a radio station here. Thank you for bringing such an enjoyable Internet Radio station to my world and for giving me smiles and awesome memories each day!

Cheers! Teresa in Canada
It is soo good to hear a station that truly acknowledges my decade! I feel this kind of station really needs to be on mainstream radio, but, of course, other stations have yet to pick up on it! I really appreciate your taking on-line requests and really taking into consideration the feedback 'we' give you! BTW, your choice in format is excellent! You touch on a wide aray of music and my personal favorite~80's English/New Wave!

Laura in Kentucky


I love the 80's music on this web site with so many options it's hard to pick the one I want to listen to that day. I put the ones I like in my stations so easy to find. We also have an 80's station here but they play the same songs all day LOVE the VARITY.. THANKS

Lori W.

My name is Gregg

I've been listening about a month now. And here in indianapolis we have a 80's station or at least they claim to be! There's more to the 80's music than just the top 40. Your station has everything I look for in a 80's station. Thank You and keep up the good work, a devoted listener.

Gregg F